How would you like to communicate? What are your plans for integrating to Alberta First Responders’ Radio Communication System (AFRRCS) or similar P25 rollout in your province? Call us and ask questions, we would like to assist you in all your two-way radio needs including P25 (AFRRCS). We love to boast about Vertex Standard two-way radios 3-year warranty! The best warranty out there!

Vertex Standard eVertex® product collection


Are you a professional driver? Do you require a mobile 2-way radio, handheld radio or a CB radio? Are you an off roader? Perhaps all you require is a CB radio. We supply and install brands such as Vertex Standard, Uniden and Cobra.

Maybe you just like to talk on your cell phone where ever your journeys bring you. Call us to outfit your vehicle or building with a cellular booster. We carry brands such as Zboost, Smoothtalker and SureCall, each specializes in different technologies, so call us to get the details on the best cellular signal booster for you and your needs. If you are in your vehicle however, remember not to drive and talk on your cell phone unless you have a headset or bluetooth handsfree, both of which we can provide to you!

While on the road you also want to be seen! We have all sorts of lighting options for you, from Beamers, LED, Pilot lights, Emergency lights, Strobe Lights, Beacon lights and even Yard Lighting. Come up with your wish list and call us to piece it together for you. We are experienced in custom installations.

For all you who deal with fleets of vehicles, look no further. Our specialty is dealing with fleets. We do what we can to be your one stop shop for many of your needs.

GPS devicesWe install GPS tracking and are a Shaw Tracking Service Center, which means we have Shaw Tracking warranty parts available to get you back on the road as soon as possible if your Shaw Tracking System is giving you grief.  We can also test your two-way radio, CB radio, handsfree or booster while you are here. Or if you require a channel in your Vertex Standard radio, we can program that in for you as well.

Smart Witness Dash Camera
Remember, we also have dash cams, we recommend Smart Witness to be your eyes and ears for any incident that may occur while on the road. Smart Witness dash cams come with as little or as many features as you are looking to have. Call in to us today and let us know what your wants are for your dash cam and we can give you a quote and plan.

Talk and Drive Hands Free

Back in the day they had the M800 in dash phone. We have available now, the new and improved upgrade from that. The VOYAGER is the world’s first integrated and dedicated 3G smartphone for personal and commercial vehicles, vans, trucks and fleets. Offering a wide range of intelligent features, VOYAGER provides crystal-clear in-vehicle voice calls and a wide variety of Android-based automotive applications and multi-media contents to keep drivers connected and able to navigate to their destination easily and efficiently. TRUCKFONE is a vehicle-dedicated mobile phone that combines a powerful speaker, a dedicated directional microphone and an external antenna for extended cellular coverage. Furthermore, TRUCKFONE can be easily connected to a signal booster.  TRUCKFONE is connected directly to the vehicle’s battery so it’s always charged and ready for use.

Are you in your truck all the time? How about utilizing your space in the best way possible with Jotto Desk computer mounts and docking stations, or a Du-Ha Storage Unit or Reach E-Z? Come in and talk to us about how you need to use your space and how to turn your vehicle into a mobile office.